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To leverage the power of social media for your business, this social media marketing plan template makes it clear what to do for either Facebook or Pinterest.

If you have other social media accounts aside from these that you want to boost, this template still gives you the direction you need to implement a marketing campaign on any social media.

1. The Psychology Behind Quality Posting

Social Media Marketing PlanI’ll be frank. A lot of small businesses have… boring posts and pins.

Particularly on Facebook, the business posts are all about the business, they’re not that interesting, and they simply don’t provide any draw.

Let me ask a simple question. Why do people go on social media?

To be social.

Remember that.

And realize that with this social media marketing plan template, as you use and implement it, always begin with simply being social.

But being social also raises a big question.

2. What to Post

Why would you want to post social articles, when you’re trying to grow your business? How do you actually do it?

It’s simple. Use the 80/20 Rule.

Have 80% of your posts social – helpful articles, videos, inspirational quotes, and image posts.

And have the remaining 20% be business related.

So for every 10 posts, whether on Facebook or Pinterest, have 8 of them social, and 2 of them business oriented. On Facebook this may take a few days or a week. On Pinterest, this can happen daily.

There are 3 major benefits to the 80/20 Rule:

  1. Because you’re not pushing business, business, business, you’re more likeable.
  2. Because of the positive articles you publish, people naturally interact with your pages and posts more.
  3. This last point is quite simple – Using the 80/20 Rule, you actually know what to post.

3. When to Post

This simple answer is, post when your followers are on. If you have followers mainly in the U.S., or followers all over the world, post when they’re on.

Bear in mind things like, how do your followers’ activities change through the work day? Are they early birds? Night owls? Do your followers drop off around dinner time? (Mine do on Pinterest.)

And spread your posts throughout the day, don’t just publish them all at once.

4. How Often to Post

The last point on this social media marketing plan template, how often to post, varies.

Basically, you want to post between 1-5 times a day for Facebook. With Pinterest, it depends more on the number of boards and pins you have. Assuming you have 20 or more boards filled with quality pins, then posting anywhere from 5 – 20 pins a day is good.

With both Facebook and Pinterest, post throughout the day, not all at once. You have a significantly larger audience see your updates.

And the key to all this is consistency.

People love consistency.

As do social media sites.


So with this social media marketing plan template you know what it takes to successfully implement your own social media campaign.

Now, if running a campaign like this is more than you can handle, because it does take a fair bit of work, running your social media campaign is a service I provide to busy business owners.

Whether it’s Facebook, Pinterest, or both, I can manage your social media campaign for you, exactly how you want it managed.

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