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Go from Stress to Success Using Effective Marketing for Today’s Audience, Exclusively for Small Business Owners.

small business marketing solutions

At last, the Market Expander helps bring increased business to your small business by improving the pieces of your marketing machine, whether you need:

  • Your website excelling in a Google search
  • The ease of someone else creating a stunning website for you
  • Boosting sales by making your dated website made modern again (does your website look very 2004?)
  • Getting more time to do the things you’re best at, by having your website maintained for you
  • Attract more business with Social Media Management
  • Surprise yourself with the success of Direct Response Email Marketing Campaigns
  • Make blogging simple with a certified writer taking the load off you

Get Found Online

Can’t get your site to show up in a Google search?

The Market Expander has certification in Search Engine Optimization.

  • So whether Google ignores your website.
  • Or your website is very 2004, and you’re reluctant paying your website manager $100/hr for doing any little thing on your website.
  • Or you don’t have a website and you don’t know where to turn.

No problem. Easy. Market Expander will update your website, and get Google happy with it, too. In fact, the vast majority of Market Expander websites have at least one page that shows up on the first page of a Google search within 60 days.

(Because of the nature of Google, we can’t guarantee anything of course, but that’s our track record to date.)

Surprisingly, a lot of web developers set up a great-looking site, but few optimize the site, so both search engines and human visitors are thrilled and impressed.

The Market Expander take care of this for your small business. With a strong track record hard to beat.

Certification in Direct Response Email Marketing

A lot of small business owners say that email marketing is dead.

And for most, it is.

…Because they don’t know how to stand out in the inbox.

But again, the Market Expander helps businesses with stellar email campaigns that actually get responses by certification in Direct Response Email Marketing.

Certification in Direct Response Writing

Whether it’s a website, social media marketing, blogging, ads, or email campaigns, it all boils down to communicating with the written word.

And that’s where extra help is needed.

Relief comes with having a certified Direct Response Writer do your writing for you, whether it’s writing on a website or an ad on Google. Your website will out-shine, out-rank, and out-perform the competition, allowing you to be as busy as you want to be.

At Last

Many small business owners are frustrated paying up to $100/hr for a project that takes who-knows-how-long. All the while, the meter ticks away…

We listened.

No nickel-and-diming here.

Think of it…

When you worked for a corporate job and your boss asked you to complete a project, you knew, didn’t you, that you had to complete that job whether you ran into problems or not, right? And that’s how you were paid – by doing your job.

And that’s how the Market Expander works.

You pay a flat fee. We chat, learn your problems, wishes, and goals, and then provide you a flat fee, regardless of the hours required to complete or fulfill the project. If you want to add more services, then we speak again, clarify the new expectations, and work out a different flat fee that also won’t change.

This way, if the Market Expander runs into problems, it’s our headache, not yours. After all, it’s not your fault if we run into snafus, so why should you have to pay?


You know the costs upfront. No surprises.

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